I am a craigslist fiend at work, on the days I have no meetings and not a lot to do to keep busy. Yesterday I was browsing through Community to see anything interesting. A rideshare to Portland, kittens up for rehoming since my best friend Ana wants a bottle feeder, or to see any events happening or anyone posting anything cool in the activity partner section. I browse through it all. Yesterday I came across Metric Tickets. A guy had an extra ticket since his friend fell through last minute, it wasn’t clear when or where this concert was held. I was curious about the ticket since I actually happen to LOVE Metric, especially Wanderlust. *Hint * Hint*

Well, I asked about the ticket, and the concert ticket was for last night. He said I could have it. Just like that, I was going to a concert. I went, and I had an AMAZING time, not only did I luck out by coming across that post, the tickets were 3rd row back in a pretty big theater.

The first row, front and center, the seats weren’t taken by the time Metric was about to come on, so me and my new friend moved to the very first row. I never sat, I stood up against the stage, DIRECTLY in front of her. I saw when a piece of her necklace broke and fell to the floor, I could see her muscles flex when she would jump or dance, I was so close, and at the very end she shook all of our hands, the people lined up along the stage.

And once the lights came back on, a girl jumped on stage to take the piece that had broken from her necklace, and I jumped on stage to grab her set list, but that would entail getting too close to her keyboards, I grabbed the guitar players instead. His footprint on the corner of it, I noticed that afterwords. I quickly ripped it off the floor and jumped back off the stage. I had a FANTASTIC evening overall, got to talk a little music, share my love for Metric.


And as an extra little bonus, the guitar player reminded me of my boyfriend, Aaron. 🙂


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