The Lucky One

In my life, I’ve kept my determination to get what I want. I was raised in a home where chores weren’t something we had to do. We didn’t get a weekly allowance, we only earned our cash working for $6 an hour for my Dad. Whether it was yard work, dishes, or any regular household chore, we did it only when we needed money for something we wanted to do, to have or to go somewhere. I remember waking up at 7 some mornings so I could have a full day of yard work/ tanning so I could earn cash to get something I wanted and couldn’t have.

I wasn’t given everything I wanted, I was never handed money for doing nothing, I earned my money, or I got stuck with my debt. I’m grateful to have learned the value of money at such a young age, I did what I needed to, to get what I wanted. I live my life that way, I understand nothing is handed out, you must earn, or prove your worth. I am a hard worker, I am a people pleaser, I have the determination to achieve my goals.

I got my first job at 18, almost a year after I graduated, I tried school first, and didn’t do well, working was my route, and I have not regretted it. I was given my first job, I gave the right answers at my interview so I was hired on the spot, but I got the interview without trying, without asking, without going in to turn in an application. My best friend Sam, her grandfather worked in the corporate world of Taco Bell, she had the in I needed. I did well, though my managers hated my cheery upbeat personality. I matured slightly, moved out with my first love, and had to change jobs, since I had moved 15 miles away from my Taco Bell. I got asked to come in for an interview at Carls Jr. near my apartment, without turning in an application. I was hired on the spot, again, for my bubbly upbeat personality and smile. I was so much more mature by this point, handling bills, and living without my parents help. I did quite well at CJ’s and sometimes miss it, it was quite fun. I stopped working for awhile so I could take an amazing road trip moving my best friend to Portland with her guy. And for a family vacation soon after. I went back to work one month after I resigned from CJ’s. I job hunted for a single day, came across Blimpies, and was once again hired on the spot. It was less than 15 hours a week, on minimum wage. I had a debt, Blimpies was only making it worse. I quit Blimpies, remained in debt and miserable for a month, and then my father asked me if I wanted to temporarily take over a job of one of his Technicians at a state building in Downtown Sacramento. Up to 3 months, and it would be simple, high pay, and totally boring most days. I absolutely jumped on that opportunity, and after a couple pay checks, after seeing how easy my life was earning so much, paying off debt and still spoiling myself since I had moved back with my parents, I decided I wanted to keep this job. I asked my dad how I’d go about getting the training required so I could stay, so I could learn, so I could have found my forever career. I was signed up for an Extron online class. Passed the necessary tests, and I am now an Extron certified AV Associate. I will have been at my job for exactly 6 months Friday the 26th. I am VERY happy at my job. I am VERY lucky to have been given this job, this opportunity.

I feel the need to share my good luck, good health, and my newly found wealth. I almost always give away my change or a few dollars to those that look like they need it, I smile at those willing to look up, and I’d give anything to cover my frequently sick boyfriend. I wish I could transfer my benefits, allow him the insurance he so desperately needs. I’m trying to help those in need, however I can. Paying it forward, and bringing happiness into the lives of those around me.


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