What A Girl’s Choice Of Underwear Says About Her (And You)

Bahaha, I like that boy shorts are the good ones. Thats the girl you need to marry. And, though I own them all (except characters on my panties), I hadn’t thought about it quite like this. But its true, women definitely go through the whole drawer deciding how the night shall end. I usually end up with it backwards, days I wear my sexy show offy panties, I didn’t need to, and the day I decide to wear less attractive or constricting ones, I shouldn’t have. I never get it right.
I think I’d rather just go commando if I think I’m gonna get some.

Thought Catalog

Remember when in 10 Things I Hate About You, Larisa Oleynik sees her sister’s black underwear and tells Joseph Gordon-Levitt it means she wants to have sex someday, or is sexually active? Because that’s the only reason someone would have black underwear. Underwear means things!

So ladies and gents, when you take off a girl’s pants, know that the underwear she’s wearing indicates what she thought this night would lead to, and what kind of girl she really is.

A nice, lacy thong

Girl knew she was getting laid. She pretty much thought you were a sure thing. She probably shaved her legs too. Whatever your plan was for the evening, she knew it was gonna end in sex. But she still wants to impress you.

She’s trying to look like she just wears this kind of underwear all the time, and if you say, “But my girlfriend does…

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