The Vintage Advantage

Ana got me into vintage, and old fashioned items and clothing. She loves the Vintage lace look. I love the classy Audrey Hepburn, or a very Bewitched sort of housewife look, I crave owning more to keep that look alive and my housewife dreams come true in the fashion sense. 🙂



There was a very special time, when a woman was a lady and she looked fabulous. Yards of fabric spilling and spinning around her. The swish of silk and petticoats. The cinched waists with A-line skirts, or billowing blouse with pencil skirts. The magical way her brooch catches the light and shines like a tiny chandelier. Her laugh like bubbles in champagne. While wearing gloves and hats with dark lace, she is the epitome of femininity, individuality and, dare I repeat myself, fabulousness. This woman is drawn to others of her kind. A classic spirit in modern times. She is a Lady and her time is now. These Ladies long for a prettier time. Is there a place for them, you ask? Why yes; They are the past, they are the future, they are Vintage.

There is a pink house on top of a hill, overlooking a rapid flowing river…

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