It’s Okay To Fart

Let me begin. Almost NO ONE has heard me fart. I’m not godly, I do not think I’m better than anyone because I destroy my insides in order to not fart in front of others. This is a habit I’m still learning to break, I can recall the last time I farted aloud, the first time I did in public. I was in English class, listening to our teacher, and the class joker sat behind me and took the fall for me. But, I got to hear all that was said even towards the jokester in the class. It was dreadful, the laughter and mocking. I have not farted quietly or otherwise since. Maybe in my sleep, but that has to be okay. I have never mocked because of another human farting. I’ve probably giggled, but when I hear someone apologize, I appreciate it, but its not necessary. Even I know its a natural part of who we are. We eat food that creates gas, what do you expect? I eat crap, and ask for stomach aches. Thats not any better than just letting it out.

Weird as it is, the last thing my ex said to me, “Please, just fart every now and again” Because I never did.

Ana hasn’t heard me, she’s finally heard me burp, thats another one… But, my best friend, whom I’ve lived with, experienced so much with, have traveled long distances with. Even she has not heard me fart.
I haven’t with Aaron, well, not aloud, each time I’ve permitted my body to try, its quiet, short and thankfully doesn’t smell.
So, it goes unnoticed, but I’ve at least done so now.
Farting is such a very lame bodily function, and I truly wish it didn’t exist, but since I can’t control that. Why not just try to break my overly stupid habit someone has drilled into my brain.
Farting is natural.
Farting is okay.
Now, if only I could remember that, and be able to laugh at myself. Preferably without the tears that usually follow.
When I can fart, and actually laugh at myself. THAT would be awesome.

To you all, “Ah, HA! You’re human, too!” 😛

Something silly to get us through the rest of the week, yea?

Thought Catalog

What is a fart, exactly? Open any dictionary and you’ll find the straightforward answer: “An expulsion of intestinal gas.” Of course, we know this already. But I’m more interested in the signifier preceding the definition: “Often vulgar.”

Many of us are uncomfortable with farts because we are told that it’s not okay to “expel intestinal gas” in public, at work, at school, or even at home among loved ones. We are told that a fart is an embarrassing thing, something that only schoolchildren find amusing, and we shame those who have the gall to let one loose around others. We try to hold in our farts to avoid such embarrassment and to appease to decent social standards, often straining ourselves in the process. In the end, we treat farting as a juvenile, awful, unnatural act, so much that even the word itself is classified as vulgar.

But I…

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