Technically, Day 2

I’ve got a bad memory, apparently terrible. I go on my blog daily, multiple times, yet forget whether or not I’ve posted on it, whether or not I’ve thought about it. I have started a bad habit of reblogging, I want that to slow some, so I may get out my own words too.

Today is day 2 of my 30 day challenge, would be day 3, but I drank diet the whole first day, after setting my goals and rules for my challenge, which I’m still not fully settled on…

I accidentally did it yesterday. I was just broke, then had no diets in my apartment or at Aarons place, so I went without Diet Pepsi the whole day, actually, I went without caffeine, though my body felt good from all the water I’m drinking, I got a mass headache from it and did not want what I’ve been craving and demanding the past week. I just wanted sleep by the end of the day. And so I got it.

I also did lunges, not a lot, but enough to feel it. And with my headache from lack of caffeine I decided dishes would help me keep distracted while Aaron and the guys played cards. I love my little housewife habit forming, I just can’t help myself, Aaron simply is the motivation I’ve been wanting and needing. I’m quite happy with him. 🙂

Today, I haven’t had any Diet Pepsi, I did however have an iced coffee, I said no Diet Pepsi though, I can have caffeine whenever until the day we find out we’re pregnant.

I assume I’ll be able to keep this up, with lots and LOTS of help from others, I am not weening off Diet, simply going cold turkey.

As for my nails, I’m not biting at my cute little french manicure, but I keep finding myself picking at my fingers, a minor habit attached to biting, I’ve got to cut that out before it gets any worse. I will one day have my regular natural nails, that I’ll keep manicured and pretty. Honestly, I know I’d like to quit, but previous to this week, I knew Aaron didn’t like the idea of my having acrylic fake nails, but, it was reassuring when after a week of having them he finally noticed and even complimented them. That was somewhat of a shock to me, not at all expected. I expected he’d look em over and think nothing, say nothing, I was VERY pleased to hear that. I don’t want to have them forever, but I’m so relieved for right now, its okay. I like the french natural look anyways, I adore them.

Just as an added bonus, I saw the doctor, got nasal spray for my allergies, and minus the nausea in the morning, I CAN BREATHE! Its been an interesting week, with some terrible news, but I’m grateful not everything is all bad, I can still enjoy the good thats come out of this week. I’ve started my challenge, and I hope to achieve my goals:

  • No more Diet Pepsi
  • No more biting my nails/ or picking
  • Exercising til I feel my heart beat pick up, feel the heat on my skin. Then I may stop.

Also, as a side goal, but not mandated I’d like to continue to clean at least 30 minutes a day.


Good enough for me 🙂


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