Day 3

I’m really digging this no Diet kick. I feel better, I’ve pretty much given up soda in the meanwhile since Diet was all I would want. 


Also, I went to an afternoon BBQ sort of event at a friend of Aarons. I decided we should also have a home cooked dinner tonight. I started to think about stuff my dad made when I lived at home. Spaghetti came to mind. 🙂

So, after the late lunch, we got the makings. 

I came home to a very dirty dished filled kitchen. Housewife mode kicked in hardcore, love what Aaron has done to me. Oh, its beautiful how motivated I am. I always knew I was a clean person, just lack the motivation. He is what I’ve been looking for. 🙂

Cleaned for like an hour and a half, then started dinner. I got almost the entire kitchen clean, might I add we do not own a dishwasher. This is a house that has 2 grown men too busy to keep up all of the time. So, I think I’ve been needed. And I enjoy it. I need that time. So while Aaron is off elsewhere, I shall clean. I’ll find something. 🙂

I’ll be the good wife. The cleaning wife, the generally happy go lucky wife. 🙂

Mhmm. My housewife days have just begun. 

Oh, and now we have a blackout. It’ll be a quiet evening. 😉


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