Day 8

Ms. Clumsy has struck again. I’ve managed to mess up my ankle, probably just a sprain, had to have my boss wrap it up for me this morning. I’ve really got a habit of harming my left side.. I’m going to hope it stops today. I thought my balance would get better with my improved hearing? Now its worse?….

Update. I crave it… Yesterday I almost bought one, almost got a Diet Pepsi but I stayed strong. Not wanting to spend the money, my sandwich was already enough money spent and I knew I wanted a frapp later. Which I got, for only 2.35 because I wanted the extra shot of espresso. Love Happy Hour.

So, the cravings have come I’m starting to miss the taste, crave the bubbles and fizz, and the not so full feeling after drinking it. Its terrible for me, I have to quit. I want to quit. I don’t want an addiction. I’m still grateful its been this easy, at least so far.

I didn’t do any cleaning, besides putting the dishes away that Aaron had done all day. He cleaned up so much, ran a dump run and got rid of Christmas trees, an old couch and miscellaneous items. 🙂 Its nice. I greatly appreciate it, and now he has to smoke outside and not in the garage. Another plus, maybe it’ll lead to ONE less cigarette a day. That’d be lovely. Just a gradual weening. I am not to mandate, but he moved the couch, all I can do is hope he wants to smoke just THAT much less.

I am bossy. I have bossy tendencies. I like control, and hate being controlled. Its why I like cleaning his place, he hasn’t asked me too, I just want to. And as long as that continues, I’ll ask him if I can do whatever the fuck he needs done. I’ll ask about errands, laundry his and mine, all dishes, and I’ll even feed the pups and the cats. I like the housewife responsibilities as long as its my choice to do them. And, I will continue to do them.

I’ll be cleaning the tub tonight I hope, last night we had our fun, and now I can’t walk, so I’ll sit and scrub some. I’d like a clean shower for all of us. I want to scrub the whole thing down. The whole bathroom could use a good cleaning. Man cave. Man cave. >.<

Yesterday I did come to the conclusion I either can’t dance barefoot or can’t dance drunk. Either way, most definitely can’t do both…

Today I am thankful for my computer chair. 🙂

I will not have diet, I will clean, and I will save. And smoke lots because my ankle and gash don’t hurt at all when I’m baked. Yesm. 😀


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