8 Ways to Sneak in a Workout

Running Wild

Packed for time? In an ideal world, we’d all have an hour to get in a workout. In reality, that’s not always possible. Here are a few ways to sneak a workout into your day.


(1) Park really far away

Although sometimes the closest spot to your office can be tempting, taking the furthest spot away can help you get that extra walk in before & after work. Burning those extra calories can really add up on a weekly basis.

(2) Get a dog

These furry friends are not only super cute and loyal; but they make a good excuse to go for a walk. Having a dog forces you to get outside and play around. Multiple studies have shown that dogs can be powerful motivators to get people moving.

(3) Walk to lunch

Next time your co-workers ask you grab lunch, skip the car ride. Pick a spot that’s…

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