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What is old? I have heard people in their 30’s complain that they are getting old. What? Seriously? The San Antonio Spurs, who are in the NBA Finals as I type, are constantly called old because some of their star players are in their 30’s. Floyd Mayweather JR., an undefeated professional boxer is 36 years young and is an absolute machine. He may be athletically gifted, but he still busts his ass and diets to maintain his weight and undefeated record. Old, I don’t think so.

floyd mayweather

Don’t call Tao-Porchon-Lvnch old. She is the world’s oldest yoga instructor at an exuberant and graceful age of 94 years young! She is pictured below.


How about Johanna Quaas? She is the oldest gymnast in the world at a young and spry 87 years old.

johanna 2

Johanna is my new fitness hero.

older gymnast

Ok, ok, so you don’t see yourself as old, but you have other…

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How To Be Happy — What I Learned Today — Medium

This. Is. Beautiful.
I love it, I’m most definitely getting started with this. Each step is true and awesome.

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How To Be Happy

Simple steps to lead a simple and content life.

7. Stop checking email in the morning.

Seriously cut that garbage out. Your brain actually functions differently when you first wake up, spending that time doing the busy work of email is a terrible waste of neurons. Email has become a job for most people and if someone asked you to clean out their garbage first thing in the am, would you do it?

Things to try when you first wake up:

Just lie in bed and think about one thing you want to do better today.

Go for a walk

Make love. No kidding but sex stimulates more than your lower regions.

Sketch, visual playtime is great.

Play with your kids. School can wait.

6. Don’t compare your place in life to others.

It’s hard and almost everyone does it but this is one of the…

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Lower Body Life!

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Why are you hiding behind your long skirts and pants ladies? What exactly is going on under all of that coverage? Oh we get it. You lost confidence in your lower body. You are not alone, and all is not lost. Somehow it seems as if you are getting used to covering your lower body instead of doing something about it. Don’t you want to get sexy for the summer so you can show of your legs and feel the breeze as the spring and summer winds flow through the air? Yes! you do, so let us help you.

According to our friends over at the nest, start incorporating these lower body exercises into your work out routine for a sexier and toned lower body. Oh you don’t have a work out routine? Well here is how you start.

1. cardiovascular Exercise:  The best way to burn fat and…

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