Day 28

I’m almost done. I’ll have finished Friday. I’ll have gone 30 days without any diet beverages. 🙂

I’ve been lame about the rest of my goals though. I seriously want to start doing a daily workout, one I can keep up with, one that is brief and only up to 15 minutes would be nice. 🙂

Cleaning, I’ve been better. My vacation in Portland allowed me to separate myself from my housewife duties. But, I came back to the explosion, I knew I should’ve done more before leaving. Oh well. I’ve got lots to clean now. I’ll have a full weekend of cleaning to get ready for my baby Chase’ arrival home. 😀

And my nails are great, thats a simple task to keep up on. Don’t destroy the fake nails. And allow my little baby ones to grow out once and for all. 🙂

And now. Instead of the pink bong I promised myself, I shall continue on, exercise more, experience my own nails, have baby Chase at home, a cleaner house, and I’ll start saving away.

My new goal, my new prize rather. I’ll be getting another tattoo, on or the week after my 21st birthday. Not sure which one I’ll choose, I’ve only got about a dozen to choose from. 🙂 Exciting!


Ana, how I’ve missed you

Portland is magnificent, I knew that from the first day I drove through it. Its like San Fransisco with more sky scrapers and its spread out and placed in a way that feels like magic. I really enjoyed the little bit of time I got to explore Portland. And, if it hadn’t been for my lame sprained ankle, I’d have done more.

I never got out with Sheila, but Ana and I had a good time hanging out baking, cooking, smoking and going to the Rose Festival. I showed on the exact right week. The first day of Rose Fest we went to the Fair, went on a few rides and saw the fireworks. Just a few good hours at the fair, the 3 of us that is.

The following day Brady still had work, so Ana and I went to Saturday Market, followed by going back to the fair that was right next to it. Went on more rides, and we got to appreciate being a kid and spinning til we were about to be sick. LOVE those rides and tire swings. 😀


Ana and Brady worked a lot while I was there, but we had a good time none the less, and it was bittersweet when I left, they’d have a clean apartment, but Ana and I would be separated once again.

Though we may not have gotten out a lot due to my increased swollen ankle, I still enjoyed every moment I got with her. As silly, embarrassing, fantastic, dazzling, and gross moments we had, I loved seeing her and I can’t wait til I get to see her again.

And she loved her presents. 😀


As well as good times with Ana, a family member of mine came out in a big way. I respect his choice, he was never comfortable before, and I hope he’ll come around and be apart of the family now. I just need to get used to saying he…

Also, Aaron talked to his roommate Joe, and they’re gonna let me move in. 🙂

I’m gonna have my baby Chase and Aaron under one roof. OH MY GOSH I’ve greatly missed my fluff ball. :DDDD

Day 13

“Did you come from the land down under, Ohh” I can’t get it out of my head, great. Thanks Vince( My coworker whom frequently gets this stuck in his head, shares his pain and I get it stuck in my head.)

Just thought I’d start with something to get stuck in YOUR head. 🙂

I’ve noticed some changes in the way I feel, I wish it was all for the better. I’ve had to make a new change.. I’ve cut caffeine for the time being, and I won’t be drinking or smoking anymore blunts.

I’ve had a few emotional breakdowns, and I believe it’ll be a healthy step to take.

How was your mothers day? Mine was slightly nerve wrecking, we made plans for Aaron to meet my parents at dinner for Mothers day. Went smoothly, love golden corral, best fucking rolls OHMYGOSH. And they more than just ‘approved’ of Aaron, they called him a keeper because he is. 🙂 And I hope he thinks the same of me.

No diet, lots of cleaning. Started a ripple effect, the boys both got to cleaning when I’m gone. The house is starting to look quite beautiful. If only we can keep up on it, specifically I gotta keep up on them dishes. Messy, Messy.


Its been good since starting my ‘Challenge’ though it doesn’t seem to be much of a challenge. Besides trying to remember to clean. I need to remember to eat more now, as well as continue light exercise and my ‘Ms. New Booty’ squats. 😛

I’ll be looking and feeling good, or so I hope. I can’t get away from my clumsiness, stress, or awkward mood swings. But, I assume soon enough it’ll pass, just gotta be patient and try not to trip myself so often. I’d be less stressed. Haha


Oh! Guess what? I’ve managed to save some money, pack away a duffel of items I’ve purchased over the past few months, and I’m going to purchase myself a train ticket and I’ll be seeing my lovely best friend, IN PERSON! NEXT WEEK!!!! I’ll have almost an entire week with her, to do as we please, explore what we’d like, taste what their food carts have to offer us and spend the time I’ve so desperately needed to have with her. 😀

I’M SO EXCITED! Thats my good news. Let me hear about yours. 😀


“When you’re ma…

“When you’re married, you can only be as happy as the least happy person in the relationship. ” – Rules of Engagement

This weekend was pretty wonderful, I had myself a cleaning spree, I think it feels better than a shopping spree. I had the urge to start cleaning outside as well, but I thought I’d best leave that for Aaron, I assume he does it better, and my ankle is still a little sore when I have to wear shoes.

The kitchen looks marvelous, if I do say so myself.

Aaron has informed me that his roommate is starting to notice, it was occasional at first, and just basic dishes and light scrubbing of other areas. But now I’m wiping and scrubbing everything, and actually sweeping, I hadn’t noticed that previously…. the cat hair I found from just him running through the house to the garage… It was like a full cat, and I only swept the kitchen and hallway. Hard wood flooring I might add, but it had collected. That somewhat set me off. Not my place, not my decision.

Recent events and drastic measures needed to be taken mean I get my Chasie Poop soon. Once I’ve cleaned the garage and turned it into a hang out spot, one without cigarettes since Chase won’t have that. I refuse, he can do it to his cat, but Aaron won’t smoke around Chase.

Speaking of. XD

We can’t afford to get him what he does want, so he’s smoking much less cigarettes until he can afford to buy more at a time or wait for an electronic cigarette. I’m excited, smoking less means tastier kisses or tasteless ones rather. 🙂 Thats exciting all by itself not to mention it’ll be fantastic. We’ve replaced his excess cigarettes and Dr. Pepper drinks for more expensive juices. So, he’ll be all sorts of healthier. And even though I found my 2 diets from my last purchase, he promised to rid of them somehow since even at a restaurant I can order water now. 😀

This all totally went off topic.

I cleaned all weekend, and that was fantastic, so, when it came time for Aaron and I to head downtown to watch Game of Thrones with his friend Ramone, I decided I’d stay, I didn’t feel like changing into pants and semi watching a show I’m not greatly interested in, I like it, I just don’t love it.

So, instead I stayed at Aarons, planned on giving the pups a bath, put on a show that looked interesting. Rules of Engagement.

I watched about 5 episodes, I got kind of into it. I love the different views on relationships. A married couple, a newly engaged couple, and the single dumbass. 🙂

They showed a quote in the pilot, “When you’re married, you can only be as happy as the least happy person in the relationship. ” I thought it was interesting, and absolutely true. I’ve heard happy wife is a happy life, etc. etc. But I liked that one, because its not one sided, you have no chance at happiness if your woman is angry, but women aren’t always able to be happy when their men aren’t. Unless your man is always unhappy and you’re magically used to that?

Anyways. I just really liked the quote, and how true it really is.

The show was really good, I’d continue watching it on my own time if I felt like it, which I usually don’t. Aaron puts on enough TV for us, I can’t keep up with how many different shows him and Joe watch. I enjoy having stuff to clean or other stuff to do while they continue watching their shows, I like coming in to relax and see what they’re watching whenever a new bowl is packed or a blunt is rolled. 🙂 Works perfectly fine for me, and I don’t think they mind when I clean as long as its not too loud, right?


Oldie But Goodie: Guy Goes Around Around Asking When People Chose To Be Straight

Thats a DAMN good point. You’ll hear every hater say it, that they CHOSE to be gay. Well, when did you CHOOSE to be straight? I was just drawn to that brunette boy with the cute smile and confidence. That was my first crush, I just knew I was straight. What if they did the same? What if that girl really did just look over and see the prettiest girl in class and either envy her or find her beautiful. That your child could live in a straight home and still enjoy the presence of the same sex more than the other. Its not wrong. And, though you call it a choice. Its not a choice they’d ever make for themselves. It’d be easier to be straight, they know. But, thats not who they are. Can’t we just accept it? Thats who they love, thats who they crave, thats who they want. Leave them be.
I’ll do my thing, you do yours. 🙂

Thought Catalog

Dug this one up from 2008. Remains both an excellent example of the power of logic on true closed-mindedness and another reason to restore our faith in humanity. [tc-mark]

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Day 8

Ms. Clumsy has struck again. I’ve managed to mess up my ankle, probably just a sprain, had to have my boss wrap it up for me this morning. I’ve really got a habit of harming my left side.. I’m going to hope it stops today. I thought my balance would get better with my improved hearing? Now its worse?….

Update. I crave it… Yesterday I almost bought one, almost got a Diet Pepsi but I stayed strong. Not wanting to spend the money, my sandwich was already enough money spent and I knew I wanted a frapp later. Which I got, for only 2.35 because I wanted the extra shot of espresso. Love Happy Hour.

So, the cravings have come I’m starting to miss the taste, crave the bubbles and fizz, and the not so full feeling after drinking it. Its terrible for me, I have to quit. I want to quit. I don’t want an addiction. I’m still grateful its been this easy, at least so far.

I didn’t do any cleaning, besides putting the dishes away that Aaron had done all day. He cleaned up so much, ran a dump run and got rid of Christmas trees, an old couch and miscellaneous items. 🙂 Its nice. I greatly appreciate it, and now he has to smoke outside and not in the garage. Another plus, maybe it’ll lead to ONE less cigarette a day. That’d be lovely. Just a gradual weening. I am not to mandate, but he moved the couch, all I can do is hope he wants to smoke just THAT much less.

I am bossy. I have bossy tendencies. I like control, and hate being controlled. Its why I like cleaning his place, he hasn’t asked me too, I just want to. And as long as that continues, I’ll ask him if I can do whatever the fuck he needs done. I’ll ask about errands, laundry his and mine, all dishes, and I’ll even feed the pups and the cats. I like the housewife responsibilities as long as its my choice to do them. And, I will continue to do them.

I’ll be cleaning the tub tonight I hope, last night we had our fun, and now I can’t walk, so I’ll sit and scrub some. I’d like a clean shower for all of us. I want to scrub the whole thing down. The whole bathroom could use a good cleaning. Man cave. Man cave. >.<

Yesterday I did come to the conclusion I either can’t dance barefoot or can’t dance drunk. Either way, most definitely can’t do both…

Today I am thankful for my computer chair. 🙂

I will not have diet, I will clean, and I will save. And smoke lots because my ankle and gash don’t hurt at all when I’m baked. Yesm. 😀