Ana, how I’ve missed you

Portland is magnificent, I knew that from the first day I drove through it. Its like San Fransisco with more sky scrapers and its spread out and placed in a way that feels like magic. I really enjoyed the little bit of time I got to explore Portland. And, if it hadn’t been for my lame sprained ankle, I’d have done more.

I never got out with Sheila, but Ana and I had a good time hanging out baking, cooking, smoking and going to the Rose Festival. I showed on the exact right week. The first day of Rose Fest we went to the Fair, went on a few rides and saw the fireworks. Just a few good hours at the fair, the 3 of us that is.

The following day Brady still had work, so Ana and I went to Saturday Market, followed by going back to the fair that was right next to it. Went on more rides, and we got to appreciate being a kid and spinning til we were about to be sick. LOVE those rides and tire swings. 😀


Ana and Brady worked a lot while I was there, but we had a good time none the less, and it was bittersweet when I left, they’d have a clean apartment, but Ana and I would be separated once again.

Though we may not have gotten out a lot due to my increased swollen ankle, I still enjoyed every moment I got with her. As silly, embarrassing, fantastic, dazzling, and gross moments we had, I loved seeing her and I can’t wait til I get to see her again.

And she loved her presents. 😀


As well as good times with Ana, a family member of mine came out in a big way. I respect his choice, he was never comfortable before, and I hope he’ll come around and be apart of the family now. I just need to get used to saying he…

Also, Aaron talked to his roommate Joe, and they’re gonna let me move in. 🙂

I’m gonna have my baby Chase and Aaron under one roof. OH MY GOSH I’ve greatly missed my fluff ball. :DDDD


Day 13

“Did you come from the land down under, Ohh” I can’t get it out of my head, great. Thanks Vince( My coworker whom frequently gets this stuck in his head, shares his pain and I get it stuck in my head.)

Just thought I’d start with something to get stuck in YOUR head. 🙂

I’ve noticed some changes in the way I feel, I wish it was all for the better. I’ve had to make a new change.. I’ve cut caffeine for the time being, and I won’t be drinking or smoking anymore blunts.

I’ve had a few emotional breakdowns, and I believe it’ll be a healthy step to take.

How was your mothers day? Mine was slightly nerve wrecking, we made plans for Aaron to meet my parents at dinner for Mothers day. Went smoothly, love golden corral, best fucking rolls OHMYGOSH. And they more than just ‘approved’ of Aaron, they called him a keeper because he is. 🙂 And I hope he thinks the same of me.

No diet, lots of cleaning. Started a ripple effect, the boys both got to cleaning when I’m gone. The house is starting to look quite beautiful. If only we can keep up on it, specifically I gotta keep up on them dishes. Messy, Messy.


Its been good since starting my ‘Challenge’ though it doesn’t seem to be much of a challenge. Besides trying to remember to clean. I need to remember to eat more now, as well as continue light exercise and my ‘Ms. New Booty’ squats. 😛

I’ll be looking and feeling good, or so I hope. I can’t get away from my clumsiness, stress, or awkward mood swings. But, I assume soon enough it’ll pass, just gotta be patient and try not to trip myself so often. I’d be less stressed. Haha


Oh! Guess what? I’ve managed to save some money, pack away a duffel of items I’ve purchased over the past few months, and I’m going to purchase myself a train ticket and I’ll be seeing my lovely best friend, IN PERSON! NEXT WEEK!!!! I’ll have almost an entire week with her, to do as we please, explore what we’d like, taste what their food carts have to offer us and spend the time I’ve so desperately needed to have with her. 😀

I’M SO EXCITED! Thats my good news. Let me hear about yours. 😀


Time Crunch

Its time..

Time to get off work, time to start my weekend.

This weekend is SO packed. I’m hoping it all goes swimmingly, and that in the midst my sickling will stop being sick. An entire week of hell for him has SERIOUSLY been enough.

Tonight, I’m to get picked up by my Aunt, and help my grandfather at a function he’s in charge of. Not sure what I’ll be doing, but family is going to help him out. As many as he could get that live close enough, since a lot of my family is in Utah..

Tomorrow shall be AMAZING. Happy 420 everyone!!!

I’m to tan, and bake ALL day. I’ll be meeting up with my friend Zashley (Ashley, Red, Ginger, Rayne, My donut queen) and I’m gonna meet her new boo and we’ll smoke all fucking day.

I’ve made a date with Ana. We’re to video chat and enjoy pretending like we’re together for our FAVORITE smoking day.

I’m also expected to have Chase dropped off at my apartment in the morning since she’s been gone all week, while Mable heals, and she’s been receiving lots of love from Lisa and her little family. And I’m to see my beautiful Mary Kay lady to get my products.

And to end my Saturday evening, I’m running a 5K. The Electric Run is finally here. I’m thankful its a fun run, since I did not do any training. Had to make sure not to, I need to gain healthy weight before I attempt to exercise and work off calories I never take in…

I’m gonna be SOOO bright for the run. Shine BRIGHT like a Diamond. 😀

Sunday. Oh sweet Sunday. It’ll come too quickly. I’ll be snuggling with Aaron til we need to get up for Lisa’s wedding. Aaron is the Best Man. 🙂 I’m bringing the photographer, and hiding my terrible dye job. Fuck that salon.

Sunday will be filled with relaxing Lisa best I can with her Bridesmaid Kayla. We’ll go off on our own, get Lisa’s hair done all purrrrty. Then the wedding is in the early evening, as the sun goes down. She’s so gorgeous in her dress, I can’t wait to see Robert’s reaction when he see’s her. I very much look forward to her wedding. I want to feel the love, joy and excitement. I love weddings! 🙂

My oh so packed weekend. But its to be BEAUTIFUL!

Also, some point in there I might be picking up my car.. 😛